What Shoes to Wear With a Long Dress

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Selecting what shoes to wear with a long dress is a fine art, and from floaty maxi dresses to bejewelled gowns there are plenty of occasions you’ll have to style your long dress with a great pair of shoes. Though it’s easier said than done, there are some fabulous options out there, so we have hit the high streets and best online stores to find the perfect pair to complement and complete your long dress outfits. 

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Day Dresses


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When it comes to styling shoes with maxi dresses, a pair of wedges goes a long way. Style a maxi dress with a chunky wedge in either cork or a solid colour to add a bit of understated style to your ensemble. Wedges also make it easier for petite women to wear something that otherwise would be too long, whilst allowing taller women to make the most of lengthy legs. Great for summer maxi dresses and the all-round ideal maxi dress shoes!


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Sandals are the perfect choice of comfortable footwear to wear with your maxi dress; they also solve the issue of what kind of shoes to wear with a maxi dress when the dress code calls for no flip flops. For a more bohemian feel to go for natural tones with ties, or if your look is more model undercover, gladiator-style sandals work wonders.

Sneakers/ Converse

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Nothing says street style like maxi dresses with sneakers. Style and Co Maxi dresses provide a beautiful range of summer maxi dresses for under £100, which can be styled for all seasons – so no more wondering how to wear maxi dresses in fall. 

On that note, the arrival of autumn and winter doesn’t mean you need to banish you maxi dress: there are plenty of solutions for what to wear over a maxi dress when the temperature drops! Try maxi dresses with jacket, a shirt over maxi dress, or even a maxi skirt with a jumper à la Alexa Chung. Many people avoid a two piece as they struggle to know what kind of top to wear with a maxi skirt, but a chunky knit in winter or a cropped t-shirt in summer are bang on trend.

Evening Dresses

Nude Heels

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Nude heels are amongst our favourite shoes to wear with long dresses as not only do they give the illusion of longer legs, but also they pretty much go with anything. Whether it be a bold colour, complicated print or demure pastel, nude heels will complement the dress without detracting from the main star of the show.

Speaking of nudes, if you’re concerned about what to wear underneath a maxi dress, use a skin-coloured slip or seamless lingerie for a flawless finish.


Gold Heels

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Sometimes a girl just needs a little bit of sparkle, and you will always feel like Cinderella in a gorgeous pair of gold heels. Coordinating your long dress with a metallic pair for your pins is a chic way to highlight any shimmering detail on a dress or add some shine to an elegant frock. Think a princess-like closed heel or sleek straps when you search to find those perfect golden heels and you’ll be ruling the fashion court in no time.

Simple Heels

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If in doubt, stick to a simple heel with your long dress – you can’t go wrong with a favourite pair of black shoes or heels matching the colour of your dress. Take a photo of your dress in natural lighting with you when shopping, or look for timeless black shoes with a sturdy heel in either pointed or rounded toe.

What Shoes to Wear With Long Dress: Final Note

• Wedges: A great way to make maxi dresses a suitable length, or accentuate long legs. Go for a chunky pair with cork or in a solid colour.
• Sandals: Ideal for those situations flip flops won’t cut it and a comfortable all-day option. Bohemian or gladiator-style work well with maxi dresses and maxi skirts.
• Trainers: Gain some street cred wearing sneakers. Make your maxi dresses wearable all year round by throwing over a jacket or cardigan.
• Nude heels: They go with everything, lengthen your legs, and don’t detract from the dress.
• Gold heels: Sure to add sparkle or highlight shimmering details on the dress.
• Simple heels: Can be worn again and again. Go for a classic black pair or colour-match.
• Looking for more? Watch some of the latest fashion shows, like this Ralph Lauren one below, to give you some ideas on how to wear maxi dresses like a pro.

Knowing what shoes to wear with a maxi dress will help you make the most of it all year round. Take your long dresses to new lengths with the right pair of shoes and you’ll be set to conquer the world.

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