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In every wardrobe there are some clothing essentials that you just can’t do without, and, like true love, style never fades. It’s worth investing in these closet staples because no matter what the seasons bring, and in spite of fashion trends, you’ll keep going back for their eternal style and quality. So, to help pick those keepers and create a wardrobe of your dreams, we’ve selected the top ten wardrobe essentials for any woman.

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Ten Timeless Essentials

1. A Classic Trench Coat

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A trench coat is always found in any top 50 wardrobe essentials list, and considering this classic wardrobe piece hasn’t changed since its WW1 origins, it’s not surprising. When it comes to classical style clothes, the trench coat is one of those timeless fashion items that belongs in any classy wardrobe; one of those women’s wardrobe essentials that will work for a lot of occasions.

Our Top 3: Trench Coats

Whether you throw your trench over a t-shirt or use it to finish off a smart outfit, start building a classic wardrobe with these staple pieces.

2. A Blazer

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The humble blazer is among the wardrobe necessities for any grown-up collection, and is a basic wardrobe must-have which can be casual or sexy. Sticking to simple wardrobe essentials like a well-cut blazer means you’ll easily be able to access killer outfits at a moment’s notice.

Our Top Three: Blazers

Complete your closet essentials with these exquisite clothing basics. You won’t regret investing in these staple wardrobe pieces.

3. A Great Leather Jacket

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Another classic style wardrobe item is the leather jacket, the ultimate of fashion pieces. It’s mentioned in our wardrobe necessities as it’s one of those classic pieces that never loses its cool factor – earning its spot on all 50 wardrobe essentials lists. Keep it chic with a skirt or dress, or edgy with jeans.

Our Top 3: Leather Jackets

Out of all the essential wardrobe pieces, the leather jacket is one you don’t want to miss. Invest in a quality item and it will last you a lifetime.

4. A Little Black Dress

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Nothing tops the little black dress in a countdown of elegant wardrobe essentials. Whether you dress it down for street style chic, or up for red carpet glam, the LBD is one of those ever-faithful fashion staples.

Our Top 3: Little Black Dresses

There’s nothing these essential wardrobe items aren’t ready for! Let this piece open a classical wardrobe wonderland.

5. A Beautiful Silk Shirt

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One of the most luxurious women’s wardrobe essentials, when it comes to wardrobe staples, the silk shirt demands to be recognised. With such classic clothing pieces you’ll be able to create enviable dressy and casual ensembles easily – choose a flattering jewel shade or go classic in white or champagne hues.

Our Top 3: Silk Shirts

Build a classic wardrobe that’ll last throughout the years with quality silk shirts as the foundation.

6. The Perfect Pair of Jeans

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A basic wardrobe starts with the perfect pair of jeans. One of the weekend wardrobe essentials, they can be transitioned between day and night in an instant – making them staple pieces of clothing for every woman.

Our Top 3: Jeans

Continue your capsule wardrobe essentials with these classic wardrobe must haves.

7. Chelsea Boots

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Search ‘classic wardrobe staples’ and you’ll find chelsea boots on every list – little wonder when you can style these wardrobe essentials with dresses, skirts or a coat, whatever the season.

Our Top 3: Chelsea Boots

Basic wardrobe essentials with bells on. Chelsea boots will never go out of style.

8. The All-Rounder Everyday Bag

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An everyday bag is one of those classic fashion must haves. Consider what style of bag matches your basic wardrobe essentials and invest wisely – think classic colours or versatile two tones in quality material.

Our Top 3: Everyday Bags

Choose a trusty bag to join your classic wardrobe essentials and you’ll start a love affair for life.

9. A Lovely Silk Scarf

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Whatever your style, for all women of a certain age (ahem, thirty plus), a silk scarf is one of those essential clothing items that will see you through life’s trials and tribulations.  

Our Top 3: Silk Scarves

Such classic wardrobe pieces shouldn’t be left on the shelf. Start your collection today.

10. Quality Jewellery  Pieces

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Owning classic jewellery pieces is just as important as any classic clothing pieces. When you build a wardrobe, you should aim for timeless trinkets that’ll only get more stylish, and quality items in silver or gold (depending on your preference) are just the ticket. 

Our Top 3: Quality Jewellery Pieces

From everyday elegant to special occasion, invest in these jewels and you’ll never be without sparkling style.

Final Notes: Classic Fashion Wardrobe Essentials

  • Why invest in these staples? Because these items will help you build a basic wardrobe that’ll outlast trends and withstand years of use, with everlasting style.
  • Build your wardrobe backwards by starting with your outer layers. A trench coat, leather jacket and blazer will see you through any dress code, smart, cool or casual.
  • The LBD is a true chameleon. Dressing it up or down is a breeze and it’s suitable for all occasions.
  • Silk shirts are one of those grown up wardrobe basics that go with everything, from shorts to stylish pants. Choose one in a jewel, champagne or white hue.
  • The ultimate all-rounder garment that can be styled to suit almost any occasion, find your perfect pair of jeans and you’ll rely on them for years.
  • From boots to bag, leather is a must in any classic wardrobe.
  • Finish off any outfit with the perfect accessories: silk scarves and quality jewellery will never go out of fashion.

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