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From humble beginnings in America to over 200 stores worldwide, Anthropologie creates limited run collections in homeware, clothing and accessories. It appeals to a wide audience given its trend-setting nature and accessible social presence. But do other stores achieve the same level of excitement and uniqueness? We’ve been on the hunt…

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Why We Love Anthropologie

The moment you walk into an Anthropologie store you are greeted with beautiful smells from candles, gorgeous prints in various clothing collections, and pretty patterns with copper details across a range of homeware. It’s a shoppers paradise with something for everyone, and chances are you won’t leave empty handed.

Although it has had a recent surge in appeal for younger shoppers (thanks to the likes of bloggers and vloggers putting it on the map), the intended demographic seems to be 30-40 somethings, as the prices exceed the likes of, say, Urban Outfitters. The products are more luxury and come from all corners of the globe, but are often centred around a theme. We love that going into that shop is an experience that isn’t easily (or willingly) forgettable. It’s no wonder it’s hard to resist!

A bedspread would be over £100, for example, and something like a dress would be around £80. Although sitting at the more luxury end of the high street spectrum, alongside the likes of The White Company and All Saints, this brand is special, and the fact that it isn’t in every shopping centre or in every city makes it more so.

Inside Anthropologie store in the homeware section
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Our Top 9 Anthropologie Must Haves

From soft furnishings to stationary, one of a kind furniture to swimwear, the versatility of Anthropologie is hugely exciting and bang on trend. Take a look at some of our favourite pieces currently available:

10 Stores Like Anthropologie

For brands similar to Anthropologie, take a look at these 10 labels for quirky, bohemian-inspired products that are just as distinctive. From stores similar to Anthropologie home, to stores like Anthropologie but cheaper: have you found a new favourite?


For pops of colour and vintage prints, Modcloth is a haven for casual and party wear, with gifts, accessories and wedding collections thrown in for good measure. It showcases that style comes in all shapes and sizes, and we love that. Check out our six must haves:

Free People

If you love the individuality of shops like Modcloth and Anthropologie, then check out Free People, who offer their own inspiring collections that are feminine yet edgy alongside some recognisable brands. From underwear to vegan beauty, bags to knitwear, the offering is extensive and irresistible.  There should be more stores like Free People in the world. Here are our top six Free People picks:

Urban Outfitters

The styling on Urban Outfitters‘ shelves certainly mirrors that of Anthropologie clothes, with its willingness to offer something different to fashion forward twenty-somethings. We love that it has the power to create trends, rather than just running with them. The ranges are extensive and that little more affordable. Drumroll please for our top six faves:


Stores like Madewell are perfect if you’re looking for a pair of quality jeans, want to find something new to go with said jeans, or just love anything denim. They pride themselves on being artful, cool, unexpected and effortless with their tees, shirts, dresses, shoes, bags and leisurewear. Our top six are:


Brands like Anthropologie incorporate various looks to suit all women, allowing them to feel confident and ready to take on the day. Loft is very similar, with its fresh florals, chic workwear and even ‘colour of the month’. We can see elements of pattern and styling that you’ll be sure to love if you’re a fan of Anthropologie. Here are our favourites:

Kate Spade

Renowned for its accessories and lifestyle pieces, Kate Spade is the ‘go to’ if you love bold colours, graphic prints and playful sophistication and are happy to spend that little more. Home decor stores like Anthropologie may seem few and far between, but the Kate Spade homewear collection may just live up to it. Can you resist the following items?:


From everyday essentials to unique office styles, Shopbop incorporates all the things you love about Anthropologie with the browsing experience of an online store like ASOS. Indeed, if you’re looking for websites similar to ASOS, where there is a huge array of designers to choose from in one online location, Shopbop is certainly the place to go (there’s also a great maternity section!). But be prepared for some high-end prices. Here’s what we’re loving:

Lace Affair

For shops similar to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, Lace Affair offers vintage vibes with modern styling. The range boasts individuality and something different to high street stores; perfect if you’re looking for the more polished look, day-to-day. Six of our favourite items are:


An online store we all know and love. ASOS offers cutting-edge fashion in one place – and we just can’t get enough of it. With their own brand and countless designers showcasing every item of clothing you can think of, this online store has a real identity, much like Anthropologie. It was a tough one, but here are our top six on the site at the moment:

Chic Wish

With an aesthetic very similar to Anthropologie, Chic Wish love embellished and detailed garments, with vibrant prints and the prettiest fabrics. ‘Retro, indie and unique’ fashion is their mantra, and we can’t get enough of their beautiful pastel shades:

The Anthropologie Style Guide

The experience of going into an Anthropologie store is well worth the trip alone, but it’s so wonderful to know that there are other online outlets to cater for our love of the brand: from finding furniture like Anthropologie at Urban Outfitters, to falling in love with stores like Free People, who stock inspiring and feminine collections, to stores like Kate Spade, who offer many of those cute, homely items that Anthopologie is famous for.

So for a shopping experience like no other, why not take a look at brands that echo the sophistication and quality of our favourite store? You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

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