How to Wear the Oversized Scarf Trend

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An oversized scarf has everything you could want in an accessory: it makes your outfit look effortlessly put together, and comes in a range of materials and colours that suit all seasons. Furthermore, they come with a variety of price tags, so you always have options within your budget.

However, when figuring out how to wear an oversized scarf best, it’s a great idea to get some inspiration before you tackle this statement piece – luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

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Top 15 Oversized Scarves

Every scarf tells a story and can instantly transform your look, so it’s always handy to have some oversized scarves at your disposal. Our top 15 big scarves give you a great idea of what possibilities are out there. Go for prints and colours that will work with your current wardrobe, but don’t be afraid to clash.

A great trick for telling whether the colours in a scarf are right for you is if it brings out the colour in your eyes and makes your skin have a healthy glow. Remember, there’s a lot of fabric surrounding your face with an oversized scarf, so you want something complimentary. Speaking of extra material, there’s a fine line between drowning in your scarf and rocking that oversized scarf trend – your outfit should look chicer, and you should look leaner.

If you are looking at spending more on a designer scarf, check the material blend and cleaning instructions – the last thing you want is your morning coffee spill ruining an expensive piece! A designer scarf like Alexander McQueens’s skulls, or Burberry’s tweeed prints, are fantastic picks because their iconic status and style are withstanding.

How to Wear a Big Scarf: Spring/Summer

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A light oversized scarf is a great accessory during the spring/summer seasons: it adds texture and colour to an outfit, and is a useful way to cover up when it’s a bit too warm for a cardigan but the evening is drawing in. Look for scarves in silk and cotton so they’re breathable and you’ll find dressing in the heat easy.

How to Wear a Big Scarf: Autumn/Winter

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Autumn/winter is the perfect time to make the most of the oversized scarf trend. For a little understated glamour stick to pastels and scarves with enough length to loop loosely around your neck – it exudes relaxed sophistication. On those days where gloomy weather wins, however, you can bring your own burst of colour by embracing solid shade in your big scarf to break up the black of your outfit. Finally, classic prints like checks go brilliantly with all type of coats. Think light wool, cashmere or cosy blends that’ll do their job well.

How to Wear an Oversized Scarf: Casual

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Scarves are wonderful accessories for a casual ensemble – and the bigger the better. A blanket scarf is always a coveted item which we always anxiously await to hit the shelves (the Zara scarf collection is worth keeping an eye out for). Whether you’re jetting off on foreign adventures or dashing to meet friends, an oversized fashion scarf finishes an outfit – and makes a causal look seem like there’s been more effort put into it. T-shirts, jeans and comfy trainers are the laid-back pieces that complement a casual ensemble; a firm favourite is an oversized knitted scarf or snood. Taking a style lesson from Selena and Emma, it’s about getting the amount of material from the scarf and outfit just right– use fitted jeans or tops to balance the whole look out.

How to Wear an Oversized Scarf: Dressy

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For a glitzy night out or special occasion, the oversized scarf shouldn’t be discounted as a go-to accessory. It doesn’t necessarily need to be your typical faux-fur, either; go for glamorous materials like a silk oversized scarf wrap or cashmere scarf – both have just enough luxury to do an ensemble justice. Make a coat extra sophisticated a la Jennifer Lopez, or dress up a frock like Olivia Palermo or Jourdan Dunn. In these instances, keep the rest of the outfit simple if you want the scarf to be the stand out item, or choose colours and patterns to correspond with the main garment. That way, the scarf will look its best and add to the outfit rather than making it appear more casual. There are many dressy situations an oversized scarf can be suitable for, from seeing a show, going to a gallery event, or a party.

How to Wear an Oversized Scarf: Work

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The office is another place where you certainly can embrace the oversized scarf trend – particularly when it comes to braving the aircon and adding some polish to outfits to make them work appropriate. Standard monochrome and pastels can continue into your scarf for a sophisticated look, and can add some originality and excitement to your workwear. However, if you are searching to break away from pastels and blacks, a grey check scarf, blue checked scarf, polka dot scarf or even a monogrammed scarf can be professional enough. Style it with a well-tailored blazer, classic blouse or smart coat for optimum effect.

How to Wear the Oversized Scarf Trend: Final Note

• An ASOS scarf is always a lovely choice, and the online retailer has a great selection all year round. However, for designer scarves, go for the likes of Alexander McQueen or Burberry.
• The warmer months are no excuse to put away your oversized scarves! Pair with dresses, maxi-dresses/skirts or shirts.
• Bomber jackets, coats and cosy cardigans always benefit from an oversized scarf with a pop of colour or sumptuous neutrals.
• Instantly look like you’ve put more effort in by introducing a scarf to your day off outfits. Jeans, shorts and loose tops are great oversized scarf companions.
• Faux fur, cashmere or silk can really add to a special outfit – especially frocks and coats.
• Tailored jackets, smart coats and classic blouses can be made more professional and original with a big scarf – monogrammed or classic print.
• Need more help? See the video below on how to style a blanket scarf.

Become slightly more obsessed with oversized scarfs yet? Us too! They are a wardrobe must-have that’s worth making room for, and, who knows? They could be your new style staple.

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