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Grey cashmere jumper/ sweater with silver ring accessories
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Cashmere jumpers are the epitome of luxury; they’re stylish, surprisingly versatile, and the best cashmere is pure indulgent comfort. What’s more, you can dress them for the coldest days and for transitional weather too. They’re also investment pieces that’ll last the test of time and outlast any trend. In order to pick your own special piece, we’ll show you where the best cashmere jumpers are and how to wear them. So, grab your credit card, we’re about to go shopping…

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Best Cashmere Jumpers – Top 15

When you Google search ‘cashmere jumper women’, the results and options can feel overwhelming. Marks and Spencers cashmere and Boden cashmere have claimed spots in our recommended retailers list for their quality and variety of colours and styles (there are also exquisite Marks and Spencer cashmere cardigan options). Styles and colours like those from ASOS, Boden and M&S below are great to throw in the mix if you want a reasonably-priced option.

In terms of colours and patterns, classic stripes, neutrals and more colourful shades that suit your complexion will serve you well. Whether you prefer crew, v-neck or polo neck is a personal choice, but often a style that opens the décolletage area is more slimming, while higher necks are so chic. Keep any details like frills or sleeve shapes minimal or in a style you know will remain in fashion if you want your cashmere jumper to be a true investment item.

A quality tip, whether shopping in person or online, is to check for a ‘pure cashmere UK’ label (or other origin tab) to see if the jumper is 100% cashmere or cashmere blend. You can’t go wrong with quality, trusted brands (we especially love Marks and Spencer jumpers!). Also read the care instructions to ensure the piece remains pristine – all cashmere requires special care but it’s worth the investment in the long run. It’s a piece you’ll return to throughout the years that will work with your body.

How to Wear Cashmere Jumpers


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True luxury is comfort, and nothing beats an oversized cashmere jumper in that department. Turn your cashmere into cool street jumpers by daring to style them with jeans or shorts; relaxed silhouettes work best with this kind of ensemble. Make tights your friends on days the weather is unsure what it’s doing and they’ll enable you to use more of your wardrobe with your best cashmere sweaters. Casual dressing doesn’t have to be tired when it’s cashmere!


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When you consider jumpers for women, dressy ensembles don’t spring to mind, but consider pairing a cashmere jumper with the right heels, dress or skirt and you’ll be hitting serious style notes. Skirts and dresses with a bit of sparkle, flow or satin sheen complement cashmere beautifully. A-line cuts and slip dresses are a perfect match for dressing-up a jumper and adding a bit of glamour to the occasion. Don’t forget your killer heels and you’ll be looking fabulous, head to toe.


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Women’s cashmere jumpers are also an asset to a professional wardrobe; not to mention the kind of garment which works for meetings and luncheons. Straight or A-line skirts in quality material look put-together with sweaters of different shapes. Colour coordinate your ensemble for workplace chic or go for a pretty print with some tailoring to make it professional. Accessorise with smart boots and a bag and you’ll elevate the look to office worthy.

Celebs Wearing Cashmere Jumpers

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker street style, white/ creme cashmere jumper with black skirt and heels - shop the look
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No one styles cool jumpers like SJP can. A white or grey cashmere jumper looks ladylike, elegant and stylish with a floaty skirt; not to mention pure cashmere jumpers can feel extra glamorous with the right pairing. Keep the jumper colour neutral and the skirt in classic black or blue (A-line shapes especially lend themselves to this look) . For a luncheon out or tricky seasonal weather, this outfit works fashion magic every time. Just grab your heels and go!

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham street style wearing orange cashmere jumper with blue trousers, sunglasses and heels
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Victoria Beckham proves that women’s cashmere jumpers can look great in vibrant colours, as well as pastels. Making a case for cashmere brands everywhere, this look is fun and sophisticated! For extra style points try colour blocking with bottoms in a solid colour; an orange or red cashmere jumper is great for this. Suitable for both the office and making a street style statement, be bold with this cashmere jumper styling option! Go for deeper hues if you are unsure.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie street style black cashmere jumper, with black leather pants and boots - shop the look
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The best jumpers can be used for different occasions; chic or relaxed glamour depending. As demonstrated by Margot Robbie, the best cashmere sweaters can be anything but demure when styled with the right bottoms. This ensemble is chic and sexy, suitable for a date night or evening out. When going for this sort of look, don’t be afraid to juxtapose the soft nature of the jumper with edgier pieces. It can give you that effortless, nonchalant kind of vibe and is a great bet if you don’t know what to wear.

Best Cashmere Jumpers: Final Notes

• Investing in a cashmere jumper is a great choice, because not only is this a versatile garment but also it’s long lasting and truly luxurious. Boden cashmere and Marks and Spencer womens cashmere jumpers are amongst the best on the high street.
• Choose a cashmere jumper in a neutral hue or colour that complements you (if you choose a print go for a classic one like stripes) and simple detailing that won’t be out of style. Search via reputable resellers.
• Going dressy with your cashmere jumper is easy; pair with a slip dress or feminine skirt and heels for a dressy take on a classic.
• When it comes to styling your cashmere (preferably oversized) for casual days, a pair of jeans or shorts with tights is a relaxed take on styling this garment.
• For a professional spin on your cashmere jumper, pair with a pencil or A-line skirt or trousers.
• Looking to celebrities for inspiration, don’t be afraid to don coloured cashmere, embrace ladylike style and dare to be bold with pairing options (e.g. leather and cashmere).
• Final tip – to ensure quality, check the product description. You want to see a 100% cashmere rating.
• For more ideas, watch the video below:

Feeling ready to tackle that pile of cashmere jumper choices? Just follow our advice and treat yourself to a garment that’ll make you feel as good as you look.

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