12 of the Best Swimsuits for Big Busts

Big busted woman in monochrome bikini
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Swimsuit shopping: something that sends 90% of women into a cold sweat quicker than the British summer comes and goes. Even more so if you’re looking for swimsuits for big busts.

Small, flimsy triangles of fabric and string bikini tops might look gorgeous on the website you’re scrolling through, but if you’re a woman who has been lucky enough (or unlucky enough, depending on how you view it) to have been gifted in the chest department, they’re not a practical idea. Whether you simply enjoy soaking up the sun, or are in training for something a little more intense in the pool, you’ll want – and you’ll need – support.

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Swimsuits for Big Busts – What Works?

Dress sizes do not translate properly into cup sizes, and whilst some women may boast figures that allow them to rock up to the water in a top and bottom set of the same size, the majority of us are not so evenly proportioned. Regardless of whether you love them or hate them, if you’re well-endowed up top it’s going to be difficult to dress for the beach if you don’t know how to support what your mumma gave you.

So where do you start? In the past, swimwear that’s been designed to provide support for larger breasts (and prevent embarrassing slips) has been bulky, frumpy and almost impossible to find. Trust us, we’ve heard it from many a source.

Luckily times have changed, and today it’s not that hard to find cute swimsuits for big busts that are as pretty as they are practical, so long as you’re looking for the right styles (spoiler: Googling ‘where to buy swimsuits for big busts’ might not be as helpful as you think) and are following the ‘busty bikinis’ rule book. Our advice in a nutshell? Choose underwire bikini tops or moulded cups to support your cleavage and steer clear of ruffles, embellishments or anything else that will add volume if you’re wanting to draw unwanted attention away from your assets.

Big busted woman wearing supportive, strapless swimwear
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To help, we’ve hunted the high street and spent hours wandering the web to find large bust swimwear sets which look good and feel great ­­– both on paper and on you – to take at least some of the stress out of your pre-summer shop.

12 Best Large Breast Swimwear Styles

The most important rule when shopping for swimwear, especially two piece swimsuits for big busts, is to ensure you are buying according to your bra size. However, many brands tend to only create swimwear to fit the standard dress sizes of women. A size 8 would be created with an average size 8 bust, the same for size 10, 12, and so on – everything gets bigger incrementally. But, as anyone who has been shopping for a bikini top for DD+ sized breasts knows, that’s not necessarily how women’s bodies work.

Are you searching for swimsuits for big busts but getting nowhere? We’ve rounded up twelve of the best slimming swimsuits for large busts for you to splash out on – or save on – this coming summer. (Read: cheap swimsuits for big busts are covered too!)

Halter Top Swimsuits for Big Busts

Brunette woman wears a halterneck two-piece swimsuit for big bust
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Halter neck bikinis are probably your best bet in the conventionally sized market. Why? Because halter necks tend to have wider, sturdier straps than other styles of bikini tops and are adjustable around the neck, meaning they are a lot more supportive of DD+ sized breasts.

Athletic Swimsuits for Big Busts

Woman on the beach wearing athletic swimwear for big busts
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Supportive bikini tops for large busts are even more important for those who want to get active whilst in the water. Athletic or sport swimsuits for big busts do not have to be similar to those you used to wear during your school days, though – thankfully many brands understand that women who want to keep fit want to do it whilst looking good, too.

Two Piece Bikinis for Larger Busts

Woman by pool wearing two piece bikini which supports her big bust
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As opposed to regular old bandeau bikinis, a bustier extends a little further down your torso, keeping you fixed in place. This large bust swim suit style is also more likely to have moulded cups and underwire to maintain its shape – which are great features for added support. When you’ve got DD+ cups, adjustable straps are also key: the ability to shorten or lengthen the straps according to how perky or large your boobs are, or how much you want them lifted, is a huge selling point.

Tankinis for Large Busts

Woman with big bust wears black and white tankini with aviators and pink lipstick
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Tankinis are not only great for those searching for stylish beach side attire, but also ideal for women looking for swimsuits for big busts and tummy. They provide modesty closer to a one piece suit but with the convenience of a two piece bikini set. The amphibious sportswear-styled swimsuit, for sand or sea, lets its wearer feel comfortable whatever their activity. Go rafting, play volleyball or swim, all without worrying about losing your top.

Celebrities in Large Bust Swimwear

Celebrities are always being papped on the beach in their bikinis, and 99% of the time look great. Why? Because your favourite big busted celebrities have their summer swimwear sorted – support and all.

Take inspiration from these large busted beauties and shop their looks.

Kelly Brook

A favourite with both men and women, Kelly Brook knows how to dress for her shape, and an incredible one she has at that. To showcase, and support, her curves, Kelly opts for a halter neck bikini with thick straps. This allows her to adjust the length and therefore, adjust the support her bikini top gives.

Kelly Brook wears black and white striped two-piece bikini
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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is also a fan of halter neck style swimsuit tops for large busts. Paired with a low cut bikini bottom, this dark coloured metallic bikini set is elegant, stylish and sophisticated.

Kim Kardashian wears black halterneck bikini on the beach
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Emily Ratajkowski

Actress and model, Emily Ratajkowski, is walking proof that even the smallest of women can have a larger sized bust; evidence again that not all women are built in proportion and therefore aren’t always able to buy a bikini set with the same sized top and bottom.

Whilst many people may not believe a bandeau-style bikini is ideal for larger breasts, this black number offers plenty of support. Bandeau bikinis are also likely to come with detachable straps, meaning this style of swimwear can be made into a strapped or halter neck styled suit too.

Emily Ratajkowski wears black bandeau bikini in Cinque Terre
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Supportive Swimsuit Styles for Big Busts

Whether you’re lounging around on the beach or surfing the waves, bigger busts need more support. These styles are best for those who require DD swimwear and up:

  • Halter Neck Swimsuits for Larger Busts – Halter necks with thicker, sturdier fastenings allow you to adjust the length of the straps according to the amount of support you require.
  • Athletic Swimsuits for Bigger Breasts – All in one swimsuits allow active women to keep moving whilst also keeping everything in place.
  • Two Piece Bikinis for Bigger Busts – Supportive bikini tops for large bust ladies have moulded cups and underwire, helping two piece swimsuits keep their shape.
  • Tankinis for DD+ – Ideal for those who want to cover bigger busts and bigger tummies.

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