Meet the Founder

The brains behind the brand is Stephanie Outlaw: a veteran of the fashion industry and a first-time mum. For over a decade, Stephanie worked for some of the biggest fashion labels in the world, surrounded by trendsetters who dress effortlessly, every day.

But since being on maternity leave, Stephanie felt that something was missing. Now in her 30s, married and with a baby, she couldn’t find a source that spoke to her or answered the style questions she had.

Launched in 2016, around the same time as her daughter was born (talk about girl power!), alexie is Stephanie’s answer to both her passion for fashion and her career ambitions.

Why I started alexie.co!

alexie.co is your friend in the know: your beauty-obsessed BFF with a passion for fashion and lust for a stylish life. But alexie is not just a glossy exterior. We are not simply another fashion blog. We understand that even though you love clothes and can name all the designers, it doesn’t mean you always feel sure of yourself. It doesn’t mean you can rock all the trends without sometimes feeling like a fool.

If you are style conscious but not confident, then alexie is your safe space: your online other half where no topic is too taboo and no question too simple or contrived. Our articles are intended to provide style inspiration for savvy thirty-somethings – without breaking the bank or condemning you to the proverbial fashion shelf. We aim to break down the trends and show you how best to wear them, as well as guiding you about what to invest in and what to save on. Substance, with style (and the odd sequin).